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Re-Pipes Punta Gorda

A single family home re-pipe is a complete replacement and/or bypass of the existing water distribution system beginning at the transition point between the exterior and interior service pipe and terminating at the various fixtures within the residence. Probably the most serious plumbing problem for a homeowner to deal with in Florida is a leak within or below the slab of the house. The internal pitting corrosion of copper pipes is not common, but it is an expensive problem that can end up leading to the formation of pinhole leaks. Pinhole leaks are a huge concern to homeowners, as they often lead to loss of water resources from undetected leaks in pipes that are in the slab foundation, or result in highly variable amounts of water damage. Copper plumbing systems can be found with significant damage from pitting corrosion, but not have any pinhole leaks.

Water treatment plants began disinfecting our drinking water with Chloromines instead of Chlorine in order to comply with the Safe Water Drinking Act of 1991. This removed the Natural Organic Matter (NOM) from the water which definitely makes our water safer to drink, but at a cost of extreme stress to the copper pipes. Natural Organic Matter in the water helped the copper develop a protective film coating, which provided “protection” the pipes from the water, which resulted in corrosion rate decreases. But changes in water chemistry in 1991 interrupted that process, causing more rapid pitting and corrosion.

Homes built in the 1960’s and 70’s in Punta Gorda, Florida can usually enjoy approximately 30-35 years of life from copper pipes. However, homes built after 1980 will get only about 8-15 years of life from theirs. And as strange as it may seem, we have seen pipes in some homes fail in as little as 2 years.

Don’t panic if you find yourself in this situation. Remember that JC Little Plumbing was strictly a Leak Detection business before going “full service” in 2007. We have years of experience in this specialty, and can help you select the best alternatives as repair options. The greatest challenge, of course, is accessing the leak in what is usually such an inaccessible location. We have techniques for fixing the problems which can save you time and money.

JC Little Plumbing specializes in replacement of all pipes, including:
· Cast Iron
· Copper
· Plastic
· Rubber
· Steel

We use only top quality materials and we work to code. And you can feel confident that our work will cause as little disruption to your environment as possible. For fast, friendly, and efficient pipe installation, there’s no one better than JC Little Plumbing of Punta Gorda.